About Jenny Belin

I am a redheaded, Los Angeles expatriate who grew up with an entourage of truly gorgeous California cats. I began taking art classes when I was very young, and then studied art more seriously in high school and at Skidmore College. After college, I moved to New York City, which is where I live right now. I have worked as a professional artist and illustrator for over fifteen years.

Portraiture has become a focus in my work, mostly because I am enchanted by the personalities of my subjects. When I am commissioned to paint a pet portrait, my biggest concern is to capture the pet's likeness. Just as important, is to pay homage to a pet's unique character. I think a lot about the wonderful stories that my clients share about their beloved furry friends. These stories make a huge impression on me and strongly influence my portraits. Each dog and cat truly deserves to be immortalized in a portrait that expresses his/her unique charisma.

My custom boudoir drawing series is a more recent collection of commissioned work. My approach is the same, whether I'm creating an animal portrait or a boudoir portrait. My intention is to create a unique piece of art that is charming, and custom designed in a way that expresses something personal and private about you.